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Welcome to Isiscoin

Isiscoin, is an X15 PoW & PoS cryptocurrency. X15 is a combination of 15 different scientific hashing algorithms e.g.
(blake, bmw, cubehash, echo, fugue, groestl, hamsi, jh, keccak, luffa, shabal, shavite, simd, skein, whirlpool)
Isiscoin will transition from X15 PoW to Proof-Of-Stake at Block 8000. Once you start staking coins, you can earn a 14% annual interest rate.
The Tor Project will be integrated into Isiscoin within the coming months, Stay tuned for more information on Isiscoin integrating with the Tor protocol.

X15 Hashing Algorithm
X15 prevents ASICs, FPGAs, and GPU Farms from mining these coins. X15 is the latest in hashing algorithms for Proof-Of-Work

Tor Project
Isiscoin will be integrated with the Tor network. All connections via Isiscoin will route through the Tor network, Even our Seed Nodes! Keeping YOU, ANONYMOUS.

Growing Community
We have a constantly expanding community of members! Are you a developer, An altcoin connoisseur? Join us!